I bought a motorcycle - there are bikers? Teach me to do Wheelie!

11 января 2016 -
I bought a Yamaha R1 — bikers there? I am learning to ride a wheelie! I learned to do wheelies in the summer I'm Watch the video on YouTube — you can say who can or knows how! It is also interesting drag race Here's a look people in Russia are learning. Not very impressive — but even so! training power wheelie bike r1 — 99 speed 286 http://youtu.be/WJRwEHo6HbE drag race Camaro — R1 99. speed wheely 166 km/h http://youtu.be/fBYbroEVeE4 R1 99 — ZX6R drag BMW M3 http://youtu.be/BbH7fYguwcc wheelie R1 99 — ZX6R O4 training R1 99 — ZX6R O4 wheely — http://youtu.be/kw2VOseWSSI Drag race Kawasaki zxr6 — bmw m3 http://youtu.be/BfiCGK2k93I
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